Personal Projects

I write programs out of joy of problem solving and for the purpose of learning new things.

One day, I decided to try concurrent and distributed programming in Erlang so I wrote a simple raytracer in Erlang. During my first year of university I was interested in the Unreal game series so I wrote three Unreal game modifications: Strange Love, AlphaCoop and RocketJump.

Project Contributions

I also contribute to other people’s projects that catch my attention for various reasons. I fixed a number of bugs and improved the documentation of the UFO : Alien Invasion game. I made some minor changes to the Yukon/Seom video capturing framework. I helped with the 64bit version of the Wine project. From time to time I contribute to the Pingus game. I got involved with Pingus by writing documentation and helping with an SDL port and engine re-design. My latest major contribution is writing a C thread pool library for an emerging non-linear video editor called Lumiera.

What I can do for you

Are you looking for a custom software solution? Are you considering an Open Source product, but wish it had some specific features to better suit your needs? Let me help you. E-mail me to discuss how I can be of help to you.